Saturday, 4 May 2013

Rhythm-ites - Can You Feel It (bluurg)1988

Second cassette album from the six piece veteran free festival reggae outfit based in bath, released on the subhumans bluurg label.

1. Rhythm-ites - give & take
2. Rhythm-ites - ha!
3. Rhythm-ites - can't take it
4. Rhythm-ites - guiding star (live)
5. Rhythm-ites - can you feel it
6. Rhythm-ites - rise up
7. Rhythm-ites - i and i
8. Rhythm-ites - guiding star
9. Rhythm-ites  - a true
or listen | here


Anonymous said...

Hello my little bubble.

Many thanks for this good album, this band was unknowned to me...

Is it possible to you to repost Kevin Eastwood 'Arising'... link is dead !

Tanks ;)

devotionalhooligan said...

it's in the pile to post//sorry it's taken me awhile to get round to it//big hugs//xx

Anonymous said...

Ok, No Problem, I'll wait patiently ... Have good Times ... & Thx.

Ron Gallemore Los Angeles said...

Thanks for these lovely interview. I really enjoyed reading through.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post and for this tape! It is very kind music... and so easy to listen...