Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Grid - Electric Head

Their debut album allows Dave Ball to pick up where early Soft Cell left off with the help of partner Richard Norris, it still has the power to send a tingle up my spine while haunting the early days of intelligent techno with those lovely deep beats and ambient textures. It would be so easy to say that it sounds a bit dated now but this was pioneering stuff back in the day and actually still sounds pretty cool. So take your hands out of your pockets and reach for the sky.
The Grid - Electric Head
One Giant Step
Are You Receiving
The Traffic
Driving Instructor
A Beat Called Love
The First Stroke
Central Locking
Beautiful And Profound
This Must Be Heaven
Machine Delay
Doctor Celine
Typical Waterloo Sunset
Strange Electric Sun


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, I agree it is an excellent album, I also liked their Timothy Leary "Psychedlic Experience" classic.
Would it be possible for their 2nd album?

devotionalhooligan said...

yeah sure, i'm away for a week or so but i'll post it when i'm back :))) xx