Thursday, 30 September 2010

Barrington Levy - Here I Come

After establishing a solo career in his teens with a run of hit singles for producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes, Barrington Levy evolved during the early`80s into one of the most popular singers of the pre-digital dancehall era. His distinctive falsetto vocals and patois-inflected phrasing made him one of the most in-demand vocalists and Joe Gibbs was among the first to enlist the youngster's prodigious talents, cutting a spate of riddims for the Treasure Isle and Studio One labels. 'Here I Come' was originally released in JA. ('85) and in the UK via Greensleeves ('87) backed by the mighty Roots Radics Band & includes popular dancehall tunes 'Under Me Sensi' 'Live Good' & 'Here I Come'
Barrington Levy - Here I Come
Here I Come

Do the Dance

Under Me Sensi

Vibes Is Right

Real Thing

Cool and Loving


Live Good

Moonlight Lover

A Ya We Deh

Give Me Your Love

Don't Run Away

Recorded at Channel One and mixed at Easy Street.
Musicians -- Bass Guitar: Flabba Holt & Professor Larry
Drums: Style Scott, Jah Bunny, & Ken
Rhythm Guitar: Tony & Stanley
Lead Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Piano & Synthesisor: Bubbler & Michael
Percussion: Jah Screw
Horns: Dean Fraser & Tan Tan

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