Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Tassilli Players - Outer Space

The Tassilli Players are a floating pool of musicians. Over the 13 years of collaboration a strong working relationship with producers Zion Train has been forged and any Tassilli Players excursion into version is going to be a trip worth taking.
A beautifully meditative dub album with the Tassilli Players on their best form to date, produced as always by Zion Train, this time at their London based Wibbly Wobbly World Of Music studio. The outer space theme is highly apt as the dubs seem to launch you into orbit as soon as you start listening.

The Tassilli Players - Outer Space

1) Interstellar Overdub
2) Bass, the Final Frontier
3) Bass 1999
4) Satta Light of Dub
5) Outer Bassways Incorporated
6) Dub Of Tranquility
7) One Giant Dub For Mankind
8) Hubble Dub
9) The Race Into Bass


1 comment:

Rob said...

Loved this!! any chance of better bitrate????
Or any of their other albums?