Monday, 22 August 2016

A Warmer Welcome// a digital benefit for refugee welfare // 110 Tracks

                                  **10 hours of exclusive out there tracks from***
Band Of Holy Joy, Rapoon, Ashtray Navigations, :zoviet*france: , Bass Drum (Charles Hayward // This Heat) Warrior Squares (Geoff Leigh // Henry Cow) Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, Neil Campbell (Astral Social Club // Vibracathedral Orchestra) Abu AMA, Celt Islam, Bunny & The Invalid Singers, Whizz Kid, Zardoz poinG, Harold Nono / Hidekazu Wakabayashi, posset, Trinity Lo Fi, The Astronauts, Fret!, Winjer3, Glove of Bones, Shelicious (Orlando Monday Allen/Gong) Cath Tyler,  Security (P6) Platemaker, HOL (Crawling Chaos/The Symptoms) idle potentiate (Warrior Squares) Ste Rozza, Shepherds of Cats, Heads of State, Feroxide, MWSTARD!, Unsample, Bludgeon Club Sound, Red Clouds, Chris Dooks, himiko, Dogdub, Legion of Swine, ugly separation (squeegeed clean) prefabGOUT, i am a freak, Ruby Black, Nowt, Patrik Glassel, Reflex Condition, One Eyed God, adarcah, Jumble Hole Clough, Psionics (aka pete shepherd) Trixie Delight, DVAnt & Dubinit, Idle Devotee, Ishmael Cormack, Deviant Amps, Blown Out, Candy L, Anthony Donovan, Qualo Infinity, suRRism, Autonomaton, Jaan Patterson, Devotionalhooligan, M.Nomized, koddi raed'a, Pampered Fists, David Ramos, Sky High Diamonds, M.Nomized, April Larson, Mean Flow, Dogdub & I-lodica, White Feather Band, nobodisoundz, early retirement, How Hot Is Your Cloud?, The Smokin Coconuts, Candy L & Cousin Silas, Devotionalhallucinatic, Robert G Rough, Andrew Paine, John Oparyk,  slowthaw, Joseph Curwen, Mystified, Sonologyst. Against Nature (Staggs / Reality Control) raxil4 , Marco Lucchi, Ancient Youth, Keith Peace, Captain Wardrobe, Matthew Wetton, Asymmetroi Faroi, The Toy Shop, Schoolhouse, PaPERHOUsE, Barely Human, Finglebone, Demidron, L.E.W.I.S ' feat keith peace, Solid Birds Flying, Knut Holtstraeter, 3bc, Volkanos, in fog, midwich, Assembled Minds.

A Warmer Welcome// a digital benefit for refugee welfare // 110 Tracks  
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

VA. A Dizzy Taste | FREE Album Download

Label Sampler which includes nine exclusive unreleased tracks

1.The Astral Lodge - Tell 03:15
2.Dogdub - budamadub 05:12
3.Zardoz poinG - pennies for my eyes (ruby mix) 03:51
4.Jumbo Pimp - Pre-Precambrian Fish 02:51
5.Feroxide - The Trance (Dub) 03:29
6.Huso Fin - No Soap 02:26
7.Idle Devotee - (Fp2) 05:01
8.Phil Cross & Glen Tomney - Universal Women 06:34
9.Glove of Bones - Book of Bones 06:08
10.idle potentiate - moondub 07:04
11.Atom Earth Mother - Otterman 05:39
12.Warrior Squares - 1.11.2014 (edit 1) 06:37
13.Karakasa Kozō - Tales from the Eidolic Fields (Part One) 08:31
15.Abquexa - Observation Wheel 03:04
16.UNSAMPLE - Void 10:16
17.blow dart - let drop 03:23
18.DVAnt meets Trinity LO FI - Black rain 03:46
19.Cooper Raines - Paper Boats on the High Seas 03:31
20.Mean Flow - Inmost Silence 03:56
21.Nik Thursday - Nightlands 02:41
22.Devotionalhallucinatic - early hours jam for emanuel litvinoff 03:43
23.M.NOMIZED - In Cage (Thoracic Mutation N-¦1) 07:04
24.Ishmael Cormack - Untitled 13 10:06
25.Scotty Delowe - Petroglyph (Part 1) 10:46
26.Cousin Silas - Iapetus 05:43
27.Qualo Infinity - Sheer Vertical 08:38
28.Winjer3 - Filament 11:33
29.Aki Tchen - Several Scarecrows Looking in Your Window 04:35
30.the man in the mountain - 5.1 11:33
31.sp3ct3rs - shadow-work 04:32

Download or Stream HERE

Glove of Bones - Glove of Dub | Free Album Download & Stream

Essential Experimental Dub woven around field recordings & ambient soundscapes
1: Uthers Dub
2: All Hallows Dub
3: Twixt Wind & Water and into the Night Physic
4: The Silent Flute by the Cyprian Fountain 
5: The Great Went Dub (Toy Drone Mix)
6: La Petite Mort d'une autre année (Tamara' is a Drag Man Dub)
7: Dub from Another Planet 
listen or download here

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ocadium - Experiments in Terror

Ocadium - Experiments in Terror | Free Album Download & stream
New release from the Qualo Infinity family
1.What Humans Actually Are 04:03
2.Lost Dream 05:08
3.Alignment 07:22
4.Experiments in Terror 05:25
5.Variable 04:29
6.Return to the Everglades 04:04
7.Missing 03:19
8.Dissection 13:02

Monday, 21 December 2015

Devotionalhooligan Presents A Midwinter Fallover

Devotionalhooligan Presents A Midwinter Fallover
1. The Pink Fairies - When's The Fun Begin
2. Gong - Zero The Hero And The Orgasm Witch
3. Magic Mushroom Band - Warming The Valves
4.  Dead Flowers - Warmth Within (Chemical Binoculars)
5. Here & Now - Little Things
6. Alternative TV-  Life After Life (John Peel Session)
7. The Astronauts - baby sings folk songs
8. The Mob - Rise Up
9. Subhumans - Waste Of Breath|Where's The Freedom
10. Rudimentary Peni -  Rotten To The Core
11. Ring - Regeneration is our chant
12. Stump - Orgasm Way (John Peel Session)
13. Scarfo - Eyesore
14. Crow People - What ya doing & Where ya going (live 1987)
15. Culture Shock - I-S-D
16. One Style M.D.V. - Sardines In A Can
17.  Radical Dance Faction  - Tension Town
18. AOS3 -  77
19. Head Jam - Psychic Sponge
20. The Ullulators - Simply Conscious Dub
21. Moonflowers - Dub Time
22. Pain - Let Me Grow More Weed
23. Blackstar dub collective - 99% uprising

Friday, 4 December 2015

A Warmer Welcome // refugee welfare benefit release

A Warmer Welcome// 
a digital benefit compilation in support of refugee welfare that we plan to release on February 14th 2016 (DEADLINE 12th Feb) via our bandcamp page for around a fiver. All monies made from its sale will go to directly help people seeking refuge from war in the uk. If you'd like to contribute a piece of music - old or new but must be exclusive to this release 
DH & Lamorna  xx
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